There’s an app for that…

My apps

I am one of those people that do not know north from south, and can get lost within 5 minutes of walking. My favorite game when I was visiting cities around Italy last summer was to just start wandering with my travel partner (she was just like me with directions), and get lost. We ended up discovering some amazing streets, and then randomly enter a piazza beside, lets say, the Colosseum!

Although that was quite a fun game, sometimes when I am away and I really needs some guidance, that’s where my beloved apps swoop in to save the day.

Following is a list of some of my most used iPhone app to aid in the love of my travel.

1. Around Me – to find everything around me

2. Poynt – to find things to do around me

3. Air Canada – to log into my flight

4. Urbanspoon – to find great restaurants wherever I am

5. Now Restaurants – to find great restaurants in Toronto

6. OpenTable – to make reservations

7. Kayak – to find the lowest prices

8. Word Lens – to translate

9. Jetsetter – to search for deals

10. Paris Fotopedia – to daydream

2 thoughts on “There’s an app for that…

  1. Seeing as I hate phones, and never had an ipod or bought an App, my retort would be, realizing that I am getting old:

    1) …just ask someone who lives there.
    2) …just ask again
    3) I have no need to log into my flight until I’m at the airport, at which time you just go to the counter
    4) …just ask a local
    5) Never been to Toronto 🙂
    6) Usually, if I have to make reservations, it is the first sign the restaurant is overpriced, overly crowded and one I won’t like
    7) I’ll give you that one
    8) Never needed a translator before…
    9) Never heard of it, deals everywhere
    10) Really have no desire to go to Paris…

    Good post. 🙂
    …sorry, had to do it.

    • Hah, good comment as well! I have a few friends that I like to argue with dealing with phone and apps. Good points on both sides! It is true though, sometimes it is much easier to ask people. Unfortunately, a recent experience with asking for directions in Chicago wound me up in a very odd part of town, about a 30 minute walk in the wrong direction…and I was hungry! 🙂

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