Fashion for sure

Packing is something that I dearly enjoy when setting off on a trip. Just the anticipation, knowing that in a few hours/days/weeks (noooo…I woudn’t pack THAT early, would I?) I will be blissfully wandering the streets of ________________.
I sometimes get it wrong though. A few summers ago, I planned a long weekend trip to San Francisco thinking that I would be so hot. Oops. Come on, I am a geographer, I should know these things! I just had California sun on my mind too much I guess, and once I looked at the current weather (17 degrees), I figured it would feel so much hotter there anyway. Ug. At least I took advantage of my misconception by shopping for a jacket around Union Square. At least my less than ideal packing skills became useful when I went for a wine tour around Sonoma and Napa Valley.

Here is one of my usual travel outfits. More versatile ever since my lesson learned in San Fran.

Skinny Jeans from Zara - dress them up or down. Thanks Olivia!

H&M cardigan in blue

Aldo bronze flat sandals

Light blue top from Joe Fresh

Bronze earrings, similar to these from Creation

Coach Wristlet

6 thoughts on “Fashion for sure

  1. Funny – both times I travelled to San Fran, I experienced the same thing! Thank goodness for the blankets on the trolley tour – it would have been chilly without them!

    • I love packing 🙂 Something to get me excited and waste my energy on. My dog also hates when I bring my suitcases out…that means he will have to go on a “vacation” too! Thanks for checking out my blog.

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