Click, click and away!

I have been attempting to hone my skill at photography. My father is a professional photographer and he gave me his old SLR camera to “play around” with. It has been a passenger on a few of my excursions. Really, I need to practice, practice, practice.

Luckily, aside from my father, my man is also a great photographer. Everywhere I turn, I can ask advice on my shots. Here are some of my favorite photographs that I have taken since I started using this camera.

Maui, Hawaii - black sand beach and my favorite animal.

The most southern location in the USA on The Big Island of Hawaii

A collapsed volcano with a green sand beach. Big Island of Hawaii

Waterton, Alberta at dawn. So peaceful!

Elk in Waterton, Alberta

Again, Waterton, Alberta.


Glacier National Park, Montana

Grizzly Bear in Kananaskis Country, Alberta


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