Jellystone…I mean Yellowstone National Park (sorry, my boo-boo)

Yogi and Boo-Boo

Let’s keep with the theme this week. National Parks week.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I am currently in my summer travel planning zone. School is almost over, the weather is beckoning me to come hither…so basically I am forced to start setting my sights on a summer plan that will leave me feeling amazingly relaxed, while leaving my face with a perma-smile for a few weeks into the next school year in September.

Also as mentioned this week, I love visiting national parks. One park that has always tempted me, gave me those nudged, winked at me, flicked their geysers at me… is Yellowstone National Park. I teach about it every year in my class and secretly spend my hours thinking about how I could turn this into a field trip with my classes.

Thirdly mentioned was my tour guide for the parks experience last summer, my boyfriend. His second home is Yellowstone. He knows where to eat, where to camp, the names of the specific animals, (and I mean individually), the sites that are must-sees, and when to go when no one is around. Perfect fit me thinks!

Ok, this really has potential. But I have 6 free weeks to explore the world. So maybe this is an option for a week or two…stay tuned for more!


5 thoughts on “Jellystone…I mean Yellowstone National Park (sorry, my boo-boo)

    • I love it too, can’t wait to go back this summer! Many pictures to come, and many already on my blog. Thanks for subscribing!!

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