Fantasy Friday Part II


Last week, I was drooling over Norway and all the amazing things to see. This week, it’s the long weekend…more daydreaming is in store. What would I do for a long weekend while in Toronto? I was watching the news today, and recalled that at this time, for the Victoria Day weekend, the army’s of Southern Ontario march to the north to conquer all the resort/cottage areas in order to celebrate the defeat from winter, the conquering of summer…well it sure feels like it so far this weekend.

Friday’s choice for my fantasy – Torermory, Ontario, Canada

I grew up in a small town, and was a chief developer of photographs… my title I would like to use was “Photo Lab Technician”. Always sounded so good to my own ears. But meanwhile, in those years of developing photographs, I was witness to a few amazing travel photographs. This one place I always saw, time after time, as I later discovered, was Tobermory. Only a few hours away from where I grew up. And I have still never been. I am shocked.

Just read their official website…mmmm “Tobermory is considered a paradise by naturalists, photographers, divers, hikers, kayakers, leisure-seekers, golfers and art lovers. It offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, rest and relaxation, sweet & clean air & water and a scenery that is absolutely breathtaking.”


Good start. I have seen the pictures, way to go photographers. I hope I can experience the hiking, kayaking (or canoeing)…and love?

Hey – a National Park, perfect. Goes with the theme this week.

Beaches – check (on the 45th parallel!)

Hiking – yes sir/ma’am

Gorgeous Sites – done

Wildlife – wonderful

Let’s GO!


4 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday Part II

  1. Are you going?? You’ll love it. I went hiking there and it is so beautiful. The water almost looks like the ocean. Apparently diving to look at ship wrecks is the thing to do there to – gonna try it?

    • I want to go! Maybe not this weekend, the roads will be crazy, but sometime this summer perhaps!! The water does look amazing there. Where did you stay?

  2. I feature a Fantasy Friday article each week on my blog too. It’s funny that you mentioned drooling over Norway because my destination this week is in Norway.

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