So Pho! (full)

I have a small love affair with Vietnamese Pho. Something about the savoury broth, the routine of adding sprouts, hot sauce and hoisin sauce, slurping up the long rice noodles, breaking a sweat, getting so pho/full after a gigantic bowl is drained, and blowing my nose a minimum of 15 times. What a great experience… (no!?!).


So combine my love of travel with my love of Pho, and you get an ongoing list of some of my favorite Pho experiences, without actually haven been to Vietnam (yet).


It’s so hard trying to pick my top 3, but I have attempted to put them in order anyway.


1. Pho Aime – Best overall experience. Located on Spadina, you are never disappointed with your Pho.

2. Pho Phuong – Arguably the best broth. Good cold rolls too!

3. Pho 88 – Best delivery. I have never actually been to the location yet, so this place may move up on the list yet. They even have their own website.

4. Pho Hung – My first Pho experience. It will always have a place in my heart.

5. Golden Turtle – Always at the top of the lists for Toronto’s best Pho. Meh, I’ve had better!

6. Hue’s Kitchen – The broth is different here, along with the hot sauce. The meat is so good here though!

I’ve tried a few other places here, but they do not deserve to be on this list in my opinion!


Pho Viet – Again, arguably the best Pho I have had. The broth is a bit different, almost a cinnamon-y taste to it.


Pho Le – I need to explore more places because I hear there are some amazing Vietnamese restaurants in this city. This was not a bad start at all!

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