Spell check


Ever since I started this blog, I tried to be extra careful when it came to my spelling. At least I could be good at something dealing with the English language, as I am no great writer of elegant prose.

So one thing that I kept getting stuck on was whether I spell travel + ing as traveling or travelling. Finally, I decided to investigate this matter.

Apparently, the US version is spelled traveling, while the Canadian version is travelling.

Huh! I have been switching between the two in this blog, so…I guess you could argue that I do not technically have spelling errors when it comes to that word, right?

Next on my agenda, writing course!  Time to learn how to write a bit more elegantly and get my thoughts and interpretations out there the way I want them.

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Building on the legacy of the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition’s two-decade journey that helped save Canada’s Kermode bear, Ghost Bear Institute – like the campaign itself – seeks to inspire, educate and spark a new generation to foster a better balance between people and nature.

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