Spell check


Ever since I started this blog, I tried to be extra careful when it came to my spelling. At least I could be good at something dealing with the English language, as I am no great writer of elegant prose.

So one thing that I kept getting stuck on was whether I spell travel + ing as traveling or travelling. Finally, I decided to investigate this matter.

Apparently, the US version is spelled traveling, while the Canadian version is travelling.

Huh! I have been switching between the two in this blog, so…I guess you could argue that I do not technically have spelling errors when it comes to that word, right?

Next on my agenda, writing course!  Time to learn how to write a bit more elegantly and get my thoughts and interpretations out there the way I want them.

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About ghostbearphotography

Named in honour of the two decade fight to save Canada's white Kermode or spirit bear, Ghost Bear Photography, like the spirit bear campaign itself, hopes to reconnect people with the wild and through photography, help the world fall in love with nature again.

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