Fantasy Friday IV – Boston Boo-ins


Since it is the NHL finals, I thought I would spotlight the city that will lose (Sorry, I am Canadian!).

I have heard so many great things about Boston, and cannot wait to visit this city (hopefully this summer!). The one thing I have heard from several people is that it is not a drivers city. In the way that you get lost, or end up driving in circles trying to exit a highway.

Here are some of the things I fantasize about doing when I visit Boston, Massachusetts:

1. Watch a baseball game at Fenway Park. I can just picture myself sitting in one of those old green seats, hotdog in hand, cheering on the Red Sox.


2. Wander around Boston Commons and The Freedom Trail.


3. Try out the restaurants and cafes in the north end.


4. Visit Copley Square and see great buildings including Trinity Church, Boston Public Library, and The John Hancock buildings.


5. EAT – New England Clam Chowder, perhaps at The Union Oyster House


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