Restaurant Review – Q City

Gambrinus - GO!

My visit in Quebec City was more than I hoped for. It was the best weather to travel in, to start with (20 degrees, sunny). It had so many great aspects going for it, where can I start? But I need to talk about this restaurant I visited to begin with…so this was probably the best part of this quick trip…

Background: I was in Quebec City in November for a long weekend, and my boyfriend who is amazing at ‘sniffing’ out a great restaurant, discovered this menu when we started to feel our hunger pang come to life on that cold evening. I said, no way, it’s so close to the Chateau Frontenac and the touristy areas, I can’t do it…but then we walked up and down, around, and back again to this original restaurant. I was still not feeling it (ps – this menu tour took about one hour), but I was still a taste-bud novice. I needed to trust his outstanding palate.

So we went to this place – Gambrinus (the online menu is not what you get when you go, just so you know). Then with my new travel partners, I had to show off my amazing find, right? Ok, I did tell them it was not my find. Had to give credit where it was deserved.

Should I recommend anything if you go there? I could, but just ask the waiters/waitresses (I saw the same waiters both times I went). They are the owners, they know what to do, they know their food, they know their people.

Just to make you drool…

This is what I tasted:

1. Soupe a l’oignon (French Onion soup) – YUM, this is why I wrote my French Onion soup post.

2. My main – Salmon tartate – can I swear *%$#@ on this? Those flavours – spectacular! No words, just try…slowly… enjoy it.

3. Shrimp and scallop in mustard sauce with greens. WOW, why didn’t I order this? Oh yes, because I am not the biggest scallops fan. But the sauce, the gigantic shrimp, the side of veggies. Daaaaaamn.

4. The steak (arg, filet mignon if I recall? I don’t usually eat meat…but I tried). My companion declared that this was the best steak he has tasted in “a long time”.

5. Rack o’ Lamb – can I say the same thing about the meat part from #4…I loved what I tasted, but I would never order it. Those who have (two times to date), have said it was one of the best lamb dishes they have ever taste.

6. Wine – the list is amazing. I went for the first time with my man, who enjoys wine and we had one of the best wines I have tasted EVER that night. It was an Amarone, the name escapes me…it looked like a bottle you would find if you were a pirate. Hah! I hope that helps. The second time, and more recently, it was a Masi red. Good for the price, but still am daydreaming about that Amarone.

7. DESSERT – I needed to bold that becaue I know so many people love dessert. I, personally love salt… appetizers and the mains. BUT…what was ordered and tasted by MOI. Chocolate mousse. AMAZING (I am allergic and I had a few scoops of it still, that’s saying a lot!). And Maple pie. Yikes, it was great. But only for the sweet tooth. Geez, is it sweet! My companions, though, wanted to order a second piece.

Just go, please? Don’t fool around with those other places. I have tried a lot of them. You will be satisfied, but not WOW’ed. The next great restaurant I will talk about, at a later time, is Savini. Stay tuned!

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