Fantasy Friday Part V – Peru


I would say Peru is in my top 5 places I would love to see most, very close to my ultimate Egyptian fantasy and another Fantasy Friday location, Iceland. All the history and culture of Peru is quite enticing. As I did a bit of research for this post on things to do in Peru, I came upon the Lonely Planet top 15 list of things to do. I couldn’t have added a list more appealing…

1 Lake Titicaca – Home to floating islands and singular cultures, the world’s highest navigable lake is, literally, breathtaking

2 Arequipa – The ‘White City’ is a colonial-era jewel within reach of smoldering volcanoes and deep canyons

3 Lima – Peru’s sprawling capital has expansive museums, thumping nightlife and some of the continent’s most spectacular food

4 Río Amazonas – Isolated villages, remote rainforest and well-equipped wildlife lodges can be found on South America‘s greatest river

5 Máncora – Warm water and rippin’ waves attract surfers, kitesurfers and sun worshipers all year long

6 Nazca & Huacachina – Condor’s-eye views of the mysterious Nazca lines, plus giant dunes for sandboarding

7 Machu Picchu – Peru’s legendary ancient Inca citadel clings to the top of a cloudy, forested peak

8 Huancavelica – Well off the tourist trail, this is a charming colonial center bursting with beautiful churches

9 Parque Nacional Manu – High-altitude cloud forest to lowland rainforest – and all the wild animals to go with it

10 Chiclayo – A seaside metropolis surrounded by ancient tombs bearing dazzling gold artifacts

11 Huaraz – High in the Cordillera Blanca, this is a center of inexpensive trekking and mind-boggling mountain views

12 Chachapoyas – Peru’s wildest archaeology: the mountaintop fortress of Kuélap and scores of little-known jungle sites

13 Ayacucho – Vivid folklore and a fascinating archaeological museum in a storied highland city

14 Cuzco – The ancient Inca capital’s cobblestone streets house artisan shops, world-class restaurants and raucous discos

15 Trujillo – An attractive colonial city near monumental archaeological sites and famed surf spots

I am starting to think that this is actually officially my #2 fantasy behind Egypt. Wow, it’s so unbelievable how much I would enjoy each number in this list. Ok, this Friday is also officially a write off…time to daydream.

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