Mr. Tomato

My tomato plant, basil plant, and my dog hanging out on the balcony

I am a little worried that I got a tomato plant to grow happily on my balcony this summer. Where will the travelling bug take me with my 2+ months off? Will my tomato plant wilt away to nothingness when I am away? Probably.

There is something about nuturing a plant to produce something useful (basically any fruit, vegetable, or herb) that I love. Flowers are ok, they are pretty and colourful, but give me a plant with more meaning. I even like Aloe plants better, so I can rub the sweet, sweet goo on my cuts and burns as they come along.

Oh how I wish this tomato plant would start producing already, while I am still giving it my undivided attention. Hopefully my sister will miss visiting my condo, and decide that she wants to come once a week while I am away to water it. It’s possible!

This is what I would do to my tomatoes if they came to life soon:

Homemade Salsa:

1 jalapeño diced

3 tomatoes from Mr. Tomato plant chopped

10 basil leaves from my basil plant chopped

1/2 a white onion, chopped

2 tbsp lime juice

salt and pepper to taste

Pair this with my favorite Que Pasa organic chips (thanks S. for these), or toast up some whole wheat pitas, and voila, a great use for my green thumb.

Come on little guy!


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