Porter Airlines

The aircraft: “Porter Airlines flies Canadian-built Bombardier Aerospace Q400 turboprop aircraft.”

Prop Plane

I was off with three travel partners to Quebec City for a weekend getaway.

We almost missed our plane. I show up  to the airport by 8:05 (across the ferry), plane takes off at 8:30, and my companions all have suitcases to check!!

They were told they had to wait for the next flight in Q-City to pick up their luggage since they checked it in about 5 minutes before the plane was supposed to take off.

It was an entertaining adventure though, I was smiling about the whole mishap, glad it wasn’t myself who was late. I have always wanted to run up the steps on a plane 😛 So great that I waited for the rest of my crew, so we could all run up together.

The service was good, no waiting in security for more than 2 minutes. The places where we experienced the longest waits were the check baggage (10 mins) line and the line for the ferry back from Toronto island (10 mins).

Food, good…for airplane food. At least you get hearty snack for a 90 minute flight.

To end the trip, the flight and Quebec City airport were great. Although again there was a wait, this time they were late…

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