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As per usual, about 30% of my day is taken up by my fantasizing about places around the world. It’s worse when I am teaching my Geography classes. Because I get paid to talk about amazing places around the world. I have several ways to escape when I am stuck here in Toronto. One is reading, and I have a few books to recommend. Another is listening to songs inspired by travel, and a third is watching movies inspired by travel and interesting places.

May I recommend a few movies to watch on an evening when you are wistfully dreaming about getting away?

1. Under the Tuscan Sun – I think I would pick the book over the movie, but the visuals are just what I love about this movie. I think I sigh about 15 times throughout the movie. Not because of the romance, because of the scenery. I miss it there!

2. Sahara – Ok, I don’t really remember the plot, but I remember many explosions, a boat chase, Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz and driving around the desert. I love action movies, and that, paired with foreign lands…love it.

3. Indiana Jones – Any of them, my ultimate dream “job”treasure hunting…or more modestly, an archaeologist.

4. Lord of the Rings – Geek alert, geek alert! I watched the trilogy (3 hrs average per movie) maybe a dozen times. I also viewed the behing the scenes special edition/how it was made dvd. New Zealand is absolutely jaw droppingly beautiful. There is nothing I love more than the ocean and mountains paired together.

5. Before Sunrise – Blah, ok romance, it was cute. But the travel part of it! Can I do that? Train to anywhere, no where with a great companion?

6. The Jason Bourne movies – As mentioned above, I love my action movies! Ok, where did he go again? Morocco, Germany, France, Greece, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, The Netherlands….everytime they displayed the location on the screen, I got so excited!

7. Memoirs of a Geisha – And again, I would recommend the book over the movie, but the vivid cultural and geographical backdrop was quite enjoyable

8. Chocolat – picking up everything and moving to France, attempting to feel comfortable in a new place, yet keeping to your own beliefs. I saw this movie so long ago, but I just loved the idea of opening up shop in a foreign place and making your way with the culture around you…and possibly changing it!

9. Letter’s to Juliet – I went to watch this just before I went on my 3 week trip to Italy, as it came out just in time to catch me before I left. Wonderful scenery, a road trip, wineries… yum!

10. After the Sunset – Mmmmm, azure water, gorgeous flowers, white sand beaches…and some FBI intrigue with a star cast. Fun way to spend an hour and a half!

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