R.I.P. Mr. Tomato Plant

So long buddy....

I just returned from my month and a half long adventure off in the American and Canadian wilderness. One of the first things I had to check when I returned to my home was to check on my poor poor Mr. Tomato plant who had been neglected. I had forgotten to give Mr. Tomato plant a cozy home while I could not care and eat all the wonderful presents it would deliver to me this summer.

Alas, when I saw those poor dried out leaves, the pot tipped over sideways on my balcony, my eyes were drawn toward the bright red TOMATOES growing on the defunct plant. It was a sign.

“Don’t give up”, it said…”wait until next year when you can enlist some help to nurture me. I have hope for you yet, traveler.”

Rest easy Mr. Tomato plant…I will remember you until I throw you down the garbage chute tomorrow and remember that you gave me hope that I might still develop a green thumb some day.


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