Un-bear-ably Cute

On my adventures this summer (US and Canada National Parks), I came across some amazing animals. Check out the extremely adorable and enamouring wildlife I stumbled upon. This is just a beginning, I am currently in the editing process with the over 3,000 photos I took on my trip.

Alpha female wolf in Yellowstone (Hayden Valley)

Bison drinking in Hayden Valley, Yellowstone

Beaver in Hayden Valley, Yellowstone

"Sedgehog" in Sedge Bay, Yellowstone

Marmot in Sedge Bay, Yellowstone

Elk...I think this one was in Yellowstone. Better one in Jasper to come!

A black bear we call 'Scruffy', Yellowstone

Grizzly bear #610 and her 2 cubs in Grand Teton

I have way more pictures to add in the future. This is really just a beginning. Shooting pictures in RAW format takes a lot of time to sort, as I have discovered! Stay tuned for more bears and their cubs, wolves, proghorn, river otter, coyotes…way more!

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