Game On!

One of the essential ingredients to a good road trip, aside from an actual vehicle and gas, (oh, and a drivers license), is a way to entertain yourself on those long hauls. Hence, my boyfriend and I tested out a few popular games for road travel. Yes, we are both actually just big kids.


One of the most popular and exciting game was called “The License Plate Game”. The one where, when you visit a very tourist friendly place such as Yellowstone, you see if you can get all the US states, and we added all the Canadian provinces. Of course when we started the game, miracles began to happen. First, our rules considered that we could exclude Alaska and Hawaii, as well as the Canadian territories. But, lo and behold, HAWAII drove by us. Not once, not twice, but THREE times! So thus began the quest to add on Alaska. Which we did (a grand total of 14 times) and before we even spotted Rhode Island and West Virginia. At one picnic rest stop we uncovered a delicious smell of BBQ, followed by a group of men cooking beside their truck from MEXICO! Next, when we entered the Canadian parks, we spotted Yukon, then NUNAVUT of all places. Toward the end of our trip, my boyfriend picked out Northwest Territories to complete the north.

Can you guess the one place that we did not see once on our journey? No? Because I would have thought it impossible to see Hawaii personally.

It was actually another island. Prince Edward Island (PEI).

Time to make a stop this summer to that lovely and tiny island to complete our game…possibly our lives.

Need some other road trip game/activity ideas to play? We tested out a few:

1. Take pictures of funny sounding town/city/street names. Some amazing finds were a town called Welcome, Minnesota; Paw Paw, Michigan; and Keister, Minnesota.

2. Create a song about the landscape. One person starts, the next person has to make it rhyme. Be glad you were not in my vehicle to hear my singing voice trying to rhyme to a story about sage brush or hoodoos.

3. Watch some people in other cars, make up stories about them (be nice). We had some great people names and occupations. I wonder how ol Torrence is doing on his yam farm right now…

4. Also to do with license plates, since we were forever focusing on them this trip, create a saying out of the letters (And sometimes numbers) from the plate. PRTS 731 = People roam the stars. No sorry, that didn’t make sense. But a lot of ours didn’t. I am actually curious if we started to go a little mad at the end of the trip from all the hours clocked in the car.

5. Count the _______________. I declared, once we passed the gate into Yellowstone, that I was going to count all the bison in the park. I got up to 101 and then saw a huuuuuuge gathering of black dots ahead on the right. So I just decided that there were 101 bison in the park, and they kept circling around to the area we were driving at that moment. So, moral of the story, pick something more rare than bison in Yellowstone.

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