Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton… I am daydreaming about this place right now. It was absolutely gorgeous there, when I went about a month ago now.

My boyfriend and I decided to head there first via Toronto, then work our way north to Yellowstone and then the Canadian Rockies. So my first glance of gorgeous mountain landscapes were the Tetons. What a good start to the trip!

For the 6 days we hung around the park, we saw so many amazing animals and scenes. One of the most fascinating shows we witnessed was a world famous grizzly bear, called 399 and her 3 cubs. They were, as predicted, out and about every day to greet us. Another bear, 610, who was a former cub of 399 was also out and about with her 2 cubs. So many great photos!

610 and her cub

Aside from bears, we were able to see elk, bison, coyotes, and wolves…and let’s not forget, the gorgeous scenery! Anything that is set in front of the Teton backdrop looks so majestic.

One other thing I should mention about Grand Teton is the PIZZA! If you go, make sure you test out Leek’s Pizza. Deeeelicious! Again, the setting of this restaurant is against the Tetons and a picturesque harbour. One of my favorite places on the trip.

The harbour at Leek's Pizza

Can’t wait to return to this place and check up on 399 and her cubs and gaze at the amazing mountains from Leek’s patio on the harbour.

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