Fantasy Friday, it’s back!

It’s been a month or two since I wrote about a fantasy place I would like to visit some day. I better make it a good one! Let’s try…ANTARCTICA!

My boyfriend’s parents are going there next year, and I am quite envious. Maybe I can go with them!?

Lonely Planet has given me some ideas of what can be seen on this cold cold continent.

1. South Shetland Islands: Abundant wildlife crowds the beaches of these islands off the Antarctic Peninsula


2. South Georgia: Fur seals and king penguins teem, and Shackleton left several traces here too


3. Deception Island: This collapsed, restless volcano hides a former whaling station and enormous chinstrap penguin colony

4. Lemaire Channel: This narrow passage is among Antarctica’s most scenic, bordered by mountains and glaciers


5. Port Lockroy: Restored as a museum, this former British base offers glimpses of Antarctic life past


6. Scullin and Murray Monoliths: These massive formations harbor East Antarctica’s greatest concentration of breeding seabird colonies


7. Dry Valleys: This alien landscape, desolate and beautiful, hides several very unusual lakes


8. Commonwealth Bay: Mawson’s ‘Home of the Blizzard’ is one of the windiest places on earth


9. Ross Island: Three eerie, ghost-filled explorer’s huts sit not far from two modern scientific research stations


10. Campbell Island: Dazzling blooms of violet, pink and white flower in the unique ‘megaherb’ meadows


Sign me up!


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