Fantasy Friday!

While your faithful organ is nursing an injured hand, I’m pinch-writing to help ensure you die-hard fans don’t miss your Fantasy Friday fix.

So today’s Fantasy Friday?


I know what you’re thinking. Milwaukee. Not glamorous. And who would want to visit? Well, I would..and you should too.

For starters, keep in mind I had to limit my Fantasy Friday selection to a place I’ve never visited before. And when you travel for a living, that makes for a short list of options.

Moreover, I’m watching a baseball game as I write this and given my girlfriend’s love of the game, I became inspired to select a baseball town I’ve never had the pleasure to enjoy…and one you probably haven’t either.

And, frankly, no one ever dreams of visiting Baltimore (I think I might have cost this blog a few readers).

Its baseball team – the Brewers (I recently learned to love baseball…and no one can say I don’t love my girlfriend) – are one of this season’s great success stories.

Who wouldn’t want to watch a dynamic, exciting team who has a real shot at winning it all? The stadium, from what I gather, is a stunning facility to boot.

And if you don’t like baseball? Well, the city isn’t half bad itself.

The downtown core is being revitalized. The architecture is historic. It’s the home to Old Milwaukee – yes, that staple of college parties from back in the day. It once was the headquarters of the Milwaukee Road Railway.

That last point might not really be relevant. But if you enjoy train watching – and who doesn’t? – this town, from what I’ve read, is quite simply epic…even though the Milwaukee Road is no more.

Plus, don’t forget, everyone knows the good folks of Wisconsin are hard working people who are the text-book definition of salt-of-the-earth kindness. Why not spend a few days getting to know those who call that state’s largest city home?

However, if this riveting fantasy endorsement misleads you – should you find yourself bored and out of adventure options in the Major M – I’ll just gently remind you that the great city of Chicago is but a commuter train or short drive away. Now tell me any other Fantasy Friday location that offers such a sterling back-up plan.

So there you have it. I’m sold. You’re sold. Let’s go to Milwaukee today.

Or meet me in Chicago on Saturday.

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