Why is this Canadian tv show called “Mantracker” so awesome?

I think that being a “woman”, a “woman” close  with nature and doing the hiking that I do, that perhaps..perhaps…just thinking…. that for this show…perhaps it might be called “humantracker”?

Has this NOT been proposed to the producers?? If not, as a Canadian, foremost, I am “shocked” and “appalled”.

Could this hiking, and evading a  “man” trail might be quite the same challenging/awesome adventure for a “female” as well??

The intro to the site actually has pictures of “females”, so why the name???

May I invite any “male” and “females” on my 2 month camping “adventure” for a challenge? We did something “similar” to a “man” tracking experience. Whether “male” or  “female”, my boyfriend and I experienced some “heavy” nature hiking experiences.

Can I “please” do any more “quotes”????

For a Canadian television series, I am quite disappointed. Although I do not consider myself a feminist, I agree that ” f’ that”, any human being can do whatever they put their minds to. Male, female…. don’t assume that anything is impossible for either gender.


So guess what, “Mantracker”. Your series is sh*t. Such an awful name, for a potentially entertaining show.

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Building on the legacy of the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition’s two-decade journey that helped save Canada’s Kermode bear, Ghost Bear Institute – like the campaign itself – seeks to inspire, educate and spark a new generation to foster a better balance between people and nature.

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