Another twitter study

There was a recent article out about Twitter predicting people’s up and down moods around the globe.

Apparently, the afternoon hours are a slump for people all over the world.

Am I shocked?

Just wondering what a siesta is in Spain, Morocco, and Latin America mean. Really, most people that I talk to agree that, at work, the afternoon is the worst time to struggle through. Perhaps a siesta is in order?

I am writing this after I placed a row of my top 15 favorite pictures I took while camping this summer in the Rocky Mountains (oh yes, it’s Friday afternoon, as I am at my school!).

This trip only happened 2 months prior to this scotch taping process, but I almost have tears in my eyes as I put the pictures up in my classroom.

I want this peace and blissful feeling of being somewhat closer to nature than I am living in Toronto.


Aside from that fascinating twitter study… I learned something else from this wonderful word of tweeting, that I finally succumbed to. (Who knew twitter could help you find yourself?!).

This ‘personal’ twitter study has made me realize some of the things that I most enjoy, it speaks to myself, and reminds me of what my interests are…basically, who I am.

I was wondering this week, why all these hikers, national parks followers, and naturalists have started following me on twitter (@JeebsC).

It’s really what I have been writing about lately, and most passionate about…Nature! And I love it. I am planning a trip next weekend to camp out in northern Ontario just because I am feeling a withdraw from camping out this summer for 2 months.

Seriously, I need to thank my boyfriend for giving me this gift, this experience, back to me. It’s what I grew up with when I was younger, and what I somehow was lost over time.

Just even sitting in my childhood backyard, enjoying nature, looking up at the blue sky with puffy cumulus clouds and looking down at green, green grass. Or at night in rural Ontario, no big city lights, watching a meteor shower in our backyard (with popcorn). Mmmmm….Nature.

Thank you parents for growing up in a rural community, and thank you boy for letting me rediscover this love of natural wonders.

Perhaps people in Canada that struggle from so much stress throughout the day, and, as the twitter study states, we struggle with being low…create these breaks (siesta’s!) in the afternoon, when we apparently feel so down, to chill out while ‘camping’ in our gorgeous backyards, a grassy patch among the concrete, or a provincial/state/national park for a weekend.


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