Goin’ campin!

Am I the most excited person right now?

I “went” to Algonquin Park one time, when I was studying Geography in university. It was a manditory field camp, which I ended up loving! We did a bit of research near the park, concerning drainage patterns in the area, not actually in the park. So, really, I have never been into Algonquin.

In a few weekends, I am off (crossing my fingers, since I was supposed to be off last weekend to Montreal….arg, my dog and his immunizations out of date…)! Going to take my camera, my boyfriend, and a tent. Out to see the gorgeous fall leaves changing colour, the wildlife getting ready for a cold winter, and inhaling the crisp, fresh air when I wake up every morning this weekend.

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About ghostbearphotography

Named in honour of the two decade fight to save Canada's white Kermode or spirit bear, Ghost Bear Photography, like the spirit bear campaign itself, hopes to reconnect people with the wild and through photography, help the world fall in love with nature again.

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