Fantasy Friday – Hello Sofia!

I am daydreaming about Eastern Europe today. Do I need a reason? Because I don’t have one…

But now that I am thinking about it, I can’t wait to go see the beautiful churches and monasteries, quaint houses and delicious food.

So here is my list for Sofia, Bulgaria (from Journey Mart). Do I need a reason for picking Bulgaria?…

1. Alexander Nevski Memorial Church is dominated by brightly coloured, glittering onion domes- very similar to the

Alexander Nevski Memorial Church (Source)

domes of St Basil’s in Moscow. The marked resemblance to the Russian cathedral isn’t coincidental – this cathedral was built as a mark of gratitude to the Russians who liberated Bulgaria from the Turks.

2. National History Museum and its collection is undoubtedly the best in the country. The museum has on display exhibits dating as far back as the time of the Thracians; there are Roman mosaics, Bulgarian enamelled jewellery and plenty of other priceless treasures.

3. Rotunda of St George started life sometime in the 4th century, as a Roman temple. Over the centuries which followed, and with successive changes in rulers, the Rotunda too changed hands and character; it metamorphosed from temple to church and then a mosque. At present, renovations being carried out in the building have revealed some lovely medieval frescoes.

4. Boris’ Garden is a huge expanse of woods, lawns, flowerbeds, lakes and fountains, and is popular with walkers and people with time on their hands. It also encloses a sports stadium and an open-air theatre, where performances are regularly held.

Rila Mountain (Source)

5. National Archaeological Museum offers a good insight into the country’s cultural and social history. Of equally great interest is the building in which the collection is housed- it’s nearly six centuries old, and used to be the Great Mosque of Sofia during the years of the Turkish rule. It’s an extremely impressive building with very elaborate ornamentation.

6. Hiking and trekking on the Rila Mountain.

7. Hopefully making it in time for the Sofia Salsa Festival in May.

Rotunda of St. George (Source)

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