Top 10 Countries to travel to in 2012

Lonely Planet recently came out with their top countries to travel to next year. Well that got me drooling.


Maybe not drooling, isn’t that when you think about food?

I should say, my eyes got wider and wider as I read on.

Here is their list, pick your favorite:

1. Uganda


2. Myanmar


3. Ukraine


4. Jordan


5. Denmark


6. Bhutan


7. Cuba


8. New Caledonia


9. Taiwan


10. Switzerland


Hmm…my vote?


I would love to go there to see my friend who moved and is teaching there. Then I could also quickly make a detour to one of my favorite places – Italy, then while I am at it, maybe check out Germany, oh hey…then Belgium, and Paris since it is so darn close…..

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Countries to travel to in 2012

      • Instead of Jordan …in the area. Istanbul is awesome, as is Anatolia and Goreme in Turkey. Syria blows Jordan away in all aspects, although the political situation is a bit iffy now, but, as an american, I can truly say Syrians are the nicest people I have ever met.

        Not in the area …Yemen, Thailand, Ethiopia, Mali, anywhere in the Sahara. The Himalayas, Nepal, India, Bhutan. Rajasthan in India. Cambodia and Angkor Wat. So many places. I’ve been to all the above and rate all above Jordan …not that Jordan is bad, there is just …better. 🙂

      • Amazing!!! Thank you so much for your thoughts! AND I would love to visit all of those places you listed. Oh…some day! Right at the top is Nepal, Istanbul and India.

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