5 little known facts about me

I’ve been blogging now for over 6 months, and would like to thank all of you for checking in and listening to my warble on about my travel dreams and viewing some of my attempts at photography. You probably know my interested pretty well, but I thought I would throw out 5 little known facts about myself.

1. I can tuck in my left ear. (WHAT does that mean you ask?!). When I was a little girl, instead of a soother to help comfort myself, I would play with my left ear and fold it in on itself. Over several years of doing this when I was a little wee one, my ear cartiledge became so flexible, I can still, to this day, fold my ear into my ear cavity and have it hang out like that for a few minutes. (I still do this sometimes when it is really cold out, to prevent the air from irritating my ears).

2. My first airplane flight occurred when I was in third year university (about 22  years old). Shocking for a travel lover, huh? It was to Cuba, and I certainly enjoyed those spectacular white sand beaches and reggaeton tunes blaring every which way I went.

3. I did a stint as a photo lab technician. Wow, what pictures I saw when I developed my towns photographs when in high school. Some of those memories are burned to the back of my eyeballs. Yuck!

4. I have never seen any of the following movies: The Godfather, Rocky, Back to the Future, Gone with the Wind, and just saw Ghostbuster for the first time this Halloween! Basically any acclaimed movie on IMDb’s top 250 list (excluding Star Wars and Lord of the Rings – my fav!).

5. I have never cooked a meal beyond Kraft Dinner, oatmeal, or Lipton’s Chicken Noodle Soup until I was 27. Now look at my recipe posts right and left!

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