25 Reasons I Travel

I spent so much time this Sunday window (browser) shopping online. It was very tempting to submit a purchase for a new pair of shoes and a few tops, but then I realized that for the price of that, I might be able to book a flight to NYC, Boston, or Florida to visit some of my friends and family.

That got me thinking…what do I love better? Not really a question, but I wanted to realize why I loved travel so much more than almost anything else.

So…here are my top 25 reasons I travel:

1. Immerse myself in a different culture

Inside an old cinder cone volcano, Hawaii

2. Challenge myself, push my limits, get out of my safety zone

3. Practice my photography

4. View gorgeous scenery

5. Hike beyond the city limits

6. Savor so many different and delicious cuisines

7. Change climates and perspectives

8. Learn about history around the world

9. Meet new people

10. Meet a new personality in an old friend while traveling together

History and culture in Firenze, Italy

11. Inhale the different scents when I step off a plane, or get out of my car

12. Colour in another country on my map

13. Embark on a random adventure, with no plans and no map – get lost!

14. Learn to pack lighter than the trip before

15. Be able to teach Geography more authentically from experience

16. Curb my boredom and keep me entertained

17. Sample the nightlife in different cities and towns

18. Relax

19. Learn. Learn to adapt, learn about history, culture, people, art, museums, food, the physical world. Learn to be more accepting.

20. Occasionally, it saves money – yes….it does. Camp for 2 months in Yellowstone and eat 1 big meal a day + snacks

21. Can’t beat the feeling of freedom

Me in Quebec City, Montreal - in place of a cannon

22. Discover great coffee/cafes and a way of experiencing my morning delight.

23. Practice a new language

24. Sample wine from where it was created

25. Appreciate my home more

You only live once. I kept telling my mother that too, now she travels the world!

7 thoughts on “25 Reasons I Travel

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    • You as well! I love reading about your cycling adventures, you have been so many places and have seen so much!

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