Fantasy Friday – Tajikistan

It just popped into my head, ok?

Here’s my fantasy agenda, with the help of Lonely Planet.

1. Pamir Highway – One of the world’s great road trips, offering jaw-dropping high-altitude lakes and fine community-based homestays.


2. Wakhan Valley – Remote and beautiful valley, shared with Afghanistan, and peppered with Silk Rd forts, Buddhist ruins and spectacular views of the snowbound Hindu Kush.


3. Yurt stays – Breakfast on fresh yogurt and cream while overnighting with a Kyrgyz family on the high pastures of the Pamir plateau.


4. Fan Mountains – Austere but beautiful trekking destination of turquoise lakes and Tajik shepherds, easily accessible from Samarkand.


5. M34 – The mountain drive between Dushanbe and Khojand or Penjikent takes you over high passes and into towering mountain scenery.


I am actually quite excited. It sounds gorgeous! And plenty of hiking which I love! Too bad it’s a fantasy right now.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday – Tajikistan

    • My list is getting quite long, so I need to start taking care of some of these destinations soon! Good luck getting to Tajikistan!

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