Fantasy Friday – Amsterdam

How much fun does this sound?

Canal Bike Puzzle Tour


The Canal Bike Puzzle Tour is an exciting rally through the canals of Amsterdam. Compete against your friends or colleagues to see who can gather the most correct answers. You can get a standard set of 20 questions from Canal Bike, or submit your own questions to give the rally a personal touch. The tour ends with fame (and a prize) for the winning team.

The Puzzle Tour is a great adventure for groups of friends, family or a corporate outing. During the 1 ½ hour tour, you pedal around the 17th-century canal ring answering serious and silly questions about the city. The Puzzle Tours start from the Canal Bike piers opposite the Rijksmuseum or the Anne Frank House.

It would be sure to bring out my competitive side! I can just picture myself making motor noises down the canals “attempting” to make my team go faster. Beep beep! Comin through!

I have desired to check out Amsterdam for such a long time….so I’ll keep daydreaming!



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