Fantasy Friday – Galivanting in Greece

What better daydream than embarking on a walking tour around Greece?

As part of the ‘European Long Distance Walking Paths’, Greece boasts an E6 and an E4 route.

I like the sounds of both, but seeing that the E4 route ends up on the island of Crete, I think I will opt to dream about this one.

The description from Visit Greece:

E4 Walking path


This begins from the Pyrinaia Mountain Range and reaches Greece via former Yugoslavia. The Greek section of the E4 bisects Northern and Central Greece, the Peloponnese, arrives in Gythio and continues onto the island of Crete.

The hiker or mountain climber thus has the opportunity to enjoy the whole extent of Greece’s landscapes and the riches of nature. The highest elevation of the total route is the Olympo Skolio peak (2,911 m).


The ideal period for hiking along the Ε4 Walking Path is from May 15th to the beginning of October, because some villages along the route are inaccessible during winter, which therefore limits the places where a hiker can stay overnight. Frequently the opening of new forest roads confuses the hiker-sightseer.

The climate is Mediterranean, very dry in summer with high temperature variations between day and night. Snow will be encountered along the route from November to June. The route to the southern section of the Walking Path (the Peloponnese and Crete) is more “walkable” than the northern section, as the hiker can walk here throughout the year since the climate is milder.







7 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday – Galivanting in Greece

  1. Lovely! I recognized a few places from my own travels (Agios Nikolaos, Mystras, Gytheio). I hope you fulfill the dream to come here!

    Although I’ve never heard of anyone hiking the entirety of the trail (not to say they don’t do it, just haven’t met anyone who has), there was a TV show on in Greece a few years ago where people walked from one side of the country to the other to get in shape. I remember being sorry I didn’t meet the weight requirement to apply – sounded like a lot of fun! They camped all over the country and I think it took them a month to cross the country on foot!

    • That does sound like a great way to shed weight! I find that and walking or hiking is the best way to work out. It is an enjoyable way to stay in shape!

      I have a friend in Belgium that walks a trail from their home town down to Rome. She does large blocks at a time, then her husband drives down to pick her up. She’s been at it for a few years now and is almost in Rome! What a good husband to do the drive to pick her up and drop her off. Wish I could keep her company while she completes this ‘mission’.

      Greece…here I come…some day soon! I love your blog!

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