Dr. Jane Goodall – in love

One amazing thing that happened to me in my March Break lifetime was meeting my hero Dr. Jane Goodall.

Who can say that they met their hero in their lifetime, someone they looked up to, aspired to be, and researched hour after hour about?

Not me!

This opportunity arose when Dr. Goodall was in town to discuss the new documentary on her life Jane’s Journey and the Jane Goodall Institude of Canada provided me with a ticket to the movie:

This documentary was great. Aside from the story about Jane Goodall growing up; her research with the chimpanzee’s; her love’s; her losses; and her son – who’s relationship has met hardship in the past – the movie was outstanding. The music, screenplay, and cinematography meshed so organically.

So, there she was. Standing amongst a throng of admirers who paid $$$ to join the pre-game schmooze fest before the movie, for the opportunity to meet her and shake her hand.

Yes – there she was. There I was.

She had so many people to meet and greet and I was thinking – WOW how does she do this all the time, every day (and travel 300 days of the year), but still have this calm poise as this young girl comes up to stare and shake her hand; as some man approaches and compliments her accomplishments; as this mother bursts into tears and describes how her entire family is in awe of her accomplishments.

Anyway, Thursday evening – I was placed in front of her and, despite all my days of training when I knew I might meet her, I gawked when I looked into her kind, wise eyes. I shook her hand and mumbled something like, “such a pleasure to meet you” and ran away.


I was so embarrassed – but what could I do, in such a setting? People crowding around, waiting for their chance. Plus I knew I would see her again the following evening at the same type of event. Perhaps a chance to redeem myself? Let’s let all these other fans get their chance.

Ok – Friday evening now – I’m set to see Dr. Jane again.

Who gets this? Two days in a row to meet your hero? JGI Canada – thanks so much, again!

Nice – I show up super early when no one is around at the Ontario Science Centre. Quickly, I am escorted to a room where Dr. J would be appearing from.

Wait – I’m too early, and there she is, arriving in style – which means, she calmly walks toward the room in her elegant shawl/caftan so peacefully…how does she do it?

Anyway, I met her yet again. She remembered me, (me thinks/me hopes). And as I listened to her opening speech again and admired the way she was so easily able to tell a story and how sweet and peaceful her voice sounded, I was sure I could never get enough of hearing her.

Please see the movie Jane’s Journey – it is well worth the 2 hours.

I DID get a photo with her – I just have to wait for the photographer to send along the picture I will cherish for the rest of my life…

All I need now is to go to Egypt for a month or two, experience the life-long draw I have had toward ancient Egyptian culture, and I’m good.

Too much to ask?

14 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Goodall – in love

  1. Hi,
    That is just fantastic, how wonderful you at last got to met her not once but twice, good on you. When the photo finally arrives, you will be able to frame it and put it in a place of honor. 🙂

    • I can’t wait to see it! Maybe I will meet her again some day, and she can sign it! That would be a dream, but I’m not counting on it!

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