A hike across two provinces

Last summer, I was so into hiking that I set out one day in Alberta, and ended up in British Columbia!

What an intense hike right?

Mmmm…not really a 5 day epic journey if that’s what you are thinking.

When in Waterton National Park, Alberta, my boyfriend and I set out on 2 hikes that led us just beyond the border, into British Columbia.

We attempted both Forum Lake and Wall Lake hikes, and did both of these from start to finish in 3 hours!

Check out the actual times recommended below:

See, when we go hiking together, it’s always a competition. We try to pass as many people as we can, quickly snap photos of our arrival, and run back to the car.

I’m sure that’s not the right way to do it, but we do actually get to see the beauty in the landscape, satisfy our competitive streak and get some darn good exercise.

Can’t wait to try and beat our time this summer! The competition against ourselves is ON!

Taaa daaa, at the border!

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