Hike #1 for the summer

It’s almost time for me to pack up and leave for the summer…2.5 months of relaxation and celebrating my time off from teaching.

(I can hear all my friends cursing at me right now by the way).

This year, I am much more excited to explore various US and Canadian national parks, beyond the road.

Last year, I was just in warm up mode. It was the hiking in Yellowstone that really got me pumped up for leaving the paved areas and creating adventures beyond a sea of parked cars.

I really missed being around nature, ever since growing up in a small town, surrounded by greenery and wildlife every day. Since moving to Toronto 7 years ago, I forgot how peaceful and invigorating nature was.

So to help divert my energy from just bouncing up and down in my condo, and actually do something a bit more useful toward my months away, I thought a bit of research involving unique hiking trips would help me both daydream, and plan for adventures this summer.

Welcome to hike #1 that is planned for this summer:

Pacific Creek Hike

For the experienced survivalist and hiker, hiking the Pacific Creek Area trails in the Grand Teton National Park is worth the effort. The hike on one of the three trails requires skill and endurance, providing access to varied lakes and views of incredible mountain peaks.

The first hike is about nine miles (roundtrip), heading towards Emma Matilda Lake. It heads through the forest towards the lake and circles around the lake for good views of the Teton Range.

The second hike is about thirteen miles (roundtrip), heading towards Emma Matilda Lake and Two Ocean Lake. It starts around the Two Ocean, climbing up towards Grand View Point, where the scenery is breathtaking. Then it heads through the forest towards the southern end of Emma Matilda Lake.

The final hike is about seven miles (roundtrip), heading to the northern section of Two Ocean Lake. It covers fairly easy terrain, through forests and meadows.

Should I pick #1, #2, or #3 this summer?

It will be my first hike, so perhaps #1 or #3.

Who am I kidding, I am sure my boyfriend will pick #2.


8 thoughts on “Hike #1 for the summer

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  2. Bear spray and bug spray/lotion! I’m so excited for you! And jealous! I haven’t been since 2008, 2007, 1993 and 1975! 😉 We’re teachers also (retired, now) and national parks have always been a part of our summers. This summer we’re tackling Zion, a line item on my Bucket List! The Jenny Lake Hike is a great one…it encircles the lake, is an easy walk and, affords wonderful photo-ops as you go, esp. with Le Grand Teton rising up in the background. Have a blast!

    • Yes! I have both of those sprays! I remember the terrible and gigantic mosquitos from last year. They are my biggest fear/pest. The Jenny Lake Hike was gorgeous, too!

      You will have a great time in Zion, that’s on my bucket list as well. Thanks, Judy and I hope you have a great time in Zion!

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