Hike #3 for the summer

Avalanche Peak is next on the list of hikes I would like to attempt this year when on my 2 month camping trip around US and Canadian National Parks.

Avalanche Peak is the first hike in Yellowstone National Park I would like to try out:

Avalanche Peak is located on the eastern border of Yellowstone National Park, and adjacent to the Shoshone National Forest on the east. The peak is part of the Absaroka Mountain Range. New USGS quads and other maps now list the elevation of the peak at 10,568 ft., but many older maps and publications list an elevation of 10,566 ft.

This is one of the most popular peaks (by far) in the state due to its National Park designation, constructed trail, and the relatively high trailhead access. The bowl is a popular glisse area in recent years. The peak is often climbed as part of a ranger-naturalist guided hike during the summer tourist season.

This is a relatively short (i.e. ±4 hour round-trip) hike which offers what is arguably one of the best views in the park. The peak overlooks much of the eastern side of Yellowstone and the surrounding forest to the east, and also offers outstanding views of nearby Yellowstone Lake. Elevation gain for the ±4 mile round-trip hike is 2,100 feet.

One of the best views of Yellowstone park? I’m DEFINITELY in!

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