The countdown is on!

Just over a week and I am OUTTA HERE!

I am going to miss posting on my blog every morning, as internet access will be far and few between.

As often as I can make it to a computer, I’ll be posting an update on my adventures.

In the meantime, do not fear….I have a few guest bloggers who are going to keep you entertained including my good friend from Switzerland and my sister (also from Toronto like myself).

Here is my very general plan to start off the summer:

Take off from Toronto at 1pm (when school is OVER!) head to just outside Chicago:

Lag 1: Toronto to Chicago (8.5 hours)

Pick up in Chicago and drive a loooong day to approx. North Platte:

Chicago to North Platte, Nebraska (11.5 hrs)

North Platte to GRAND TETON! Yippee!:

North Platte to Grand Teton National Park (10 hrs)

I am so excited, I am bouncing off my couch as I type this!

Not so excited for some parts of the driving experience…..looooong days, and just me in the drivers seat and my boyfriend navigating…oh and one trip to Target along the way.

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