Fantasy Friday – Thailand

I am craving Thai food a lot this week. I just had a great pad thai dish from Thai Princess in Toronto and now, as always, I am beginning to daydream about going to Thailand.

Lonely Planet has a great list of things to see, so let’s see what my dream will show me today:

  • Ko Tao

    Be a small fish in a big tank while diving with mighty whale sharks from this coral-fringed island, stay a while, or choose another beach paradise.

  • Sangkhlaburi

    Border outpost amid a misty lake and rugged karst mountains far from the tourist trail; the bus ride here from Kanchanaburi is one of Thailand’s best scenic journeys

  • Cooking classes in Chiang Mai

    Learn about Thai culinary herbs and spices, tour a local market and prepare a feast – choose from loads of classes in Chiang Mai, which is also a top ecotourism spot

  •  Khao Sok National Park

    You wouldn’t be surprised if a T-Rex emerged from the jungle in this amazing tangle of limestone karsts and rainforest. Home to snakes, monkeys and tigers, and the incredible Rafflesia kerrii flower, this special corner of Surat Thani Province in Thailand’s south is only a ten hour bus ride form Bangkok.

  • Mu Ko Chang Marine National Park

    Lush jungle, postcard-perfect bays, fiery sunsets, and a craggy mountainous interior home to a veritable Jurassic Park of flora and fauna

  •  Sukhothai Historical Park

    Ancient Thai capital with gravity-worn ruins meditating peacefully, removed from the modern world

  • Ayuthaya

    Thailand’s golden kingdom and requisite stop on the cultural trail for history and architecture

  • Kanchanaburi

    Mellow river town catering to history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts

  • Khao Yai National Park

    Lush mountains, picturesque waterfalls and gangs of monkeys only a short distance from Bangkok

  • Nan Province

    Little-visited land of forested mountains and unique tribes

  • Seafood in Songkhla

    Take a slice of southern provincial life from the seafood piers and curry shacks

  • Bangkok

    The reigning queen of tropical capitals, Bangkok is all-out fascination and excess with a smile

    Ok – when can I leave?!


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