Orillia, Ontario: Yours to Discover (or to Gamble)

This weekend, I had to drive my boyfriend to Orillia (home of CasinoRama) for work and I was left on my own for a few hours on Saturday morning to explore this city 90 minutes north of Toronto.

I didn’t expect much at all, and I love being pleasantly surprised.

After I dropped him off at an event, I ran into 4 deer attempting to cross the foggy road. When I say “ran into” – I mean I parked on the side of the road and watched them cross in front of me – don’t worry!

Oops, missed the deer!

Next, I stopped in at Tudhope Park with a Tim Horton’s coffee (it felt appropriate north of Toronto) and walked around a small beach on the Couchiching Lake.

Lake Couchiching

Finally, I ended my quick trip around town by stopping at a tiny trail head. I’m not even sure what it was called, but I took a stroll over a small bridge, past a beaver dam and into a gorgeous trail filled with tiny ponds and trees that were changing colour. Oh, and I could also see the magnificent building between the trees that housed the popular CasinoRama…

I couldn’t really beat this gorgeous Saturday morning in Orillia…made me feel a bit better since I had to wake up at 5 am to get there.

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