The Blogger

Hangin’ in Grant Park, Chicago

I (Jill) am a 29 year old high school teacher, who is determined to take care of all the breaks that teachers are lucky enough to enjoy. I am determined to explore where I can, when I can.

Currently, I live in Toronto, Canada with my dog, who is not quite the same lover of travel.

Aside from daydreaming about travel, and actually exploring a new city or a new hike, I enjoy cooking, and more so – eating, catching a great baseball game (Go Jays!) and photography.

Posts are usually added daily (unless I am exploring away in Yellowstone National Park which has limited internet access), and include ‘photo of the day’ and ‘fantasy friday’, as well as a recipe here and there that are inspired by my traveling dreams.

My post 25 Reasons I love to Travel explains why I love to wistfully wander.

And check out my photographs on 500px!


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