A list of places that made me drool all over my keyboard (big thanks to my boyfriend’s tastebuds for finding most of these)


Bighorn Lounge @ Delta (Kananaskis Country) – The ‘potato is a taco’, stuffed with a steak fatija mix. YUM!

Pizza of Waterton – Mmmm baked in a semi-deep dish, cheese over the toppings. Get the pizza bread to start too!

Prime Rib Village (Jasper) – Obviously order the prime rib, but don’t forget about the Greek salad. The owner Nick and the waitress Gail are the best! Best meals of my life…oh yes, I have been 5 times in 2 summers of visiting Jasper for a few days.


Lou Malnati’s – 2 of us had a medium, only do that if you are crazy. The sauce is the best pizza sauce I have ever tasted!

Giordano’s – same comment here as for Lou Malnati’s pizza. Love the crust here!

Gino’s East – If you can’t find a Giordano’s or a Lou Malnati’s, then here is the 3rd best deep dish pizza in the world (in my opine).


King of Donair (KOD) – late night eats, just perfect! Make sure you get a fresh pizza, not those silly slices warmed up.

Press Gang – Just ask the waiter/waitress. They know EVERYTHING about the food and suggest the best. Had to go back several times for a weekend excursion there.


Bubba Gump – Don’t laugh, this chain is not in Canada. I loved the coconut shrimp and most especially the shrimpin dippin sauce.

Kingston, Ontario

Wooden Heads – Pizza 🙂


Le Mechant Boeuf – Get the Tartar Tasting and the Crab Cakes

Nelson, B.C.

All Season’s Cafe – Perhaps the best meal of my life. Period. Order anything and everything!

San Francisco

The Stinking Rose – Whoa garlic. If I could take any more garlic, I would have tried the garlic ice cream. Someone let me know how it is!


Aroma – My sister and I had this one Valentine’s Day a long while ago. We couldn’t stop smiling and the deliciousness.

Camerra’s – Best pizza in town, perhaps.

La Vecchia – Ask for Nico, he knows his stuff.

Milagro – Best Mexican restaurant in the city? My vote goes here.

Mercatto – Pizza! Pasta! I’ve had them all. Take your pick.

Pizza Libretto – Best pizza in town, perhaps. Oh wait…did I already say that for Camerra’s above?

Queen Margherita Pizza – Craving real Italian tasting pizza? Destination Queen Street.

Quebec City

Portofino – Italian…pizza! You can watch them making the thin crust pizzas in front of you.

Savini – Great atmosphere, great pizza! Recommended by a taxi driver, good choice!

Gambrinus – read my post about this place. World class food.


Cindy’s – West Van, great breakfast (healthy too!)

Coast – Mmmmm west coast seafood. Again, ask the staff they can modify the side dishes no problem. Ocean Wise to boot, thank you!

Go Fish – The freshest fish in Vancouver.

Hell’s Kitchen – Pizza and Caesar’s! For un-Canadian’s – a caesar is a super amazing clam juice version of a bloody mary.

Incendio – Again pizza! Sorry, I love it. My man has an addiction to it but I never complain.

Judas Goat – Go for all the apps!

L’Abattior – These dishes are so unique, the drink list is equally unique.

Pourhouse – Why did I NOT order the steak in the bag?! I tested it though. Sorry, it’s not on the menu anymore. The pasta is delicious though (my vegetarian kick was high that day). Also, great bartending – get the specialty drinks.

Trolls – in Horseshoe Bay, must-get-fish-and-chips

Q4 (on 4th Ave.) – Mm. So nice, the staff. We tried the full Italian fare. Couldn’t walk after. Just order whatever they tell you. Please.

Victoria, BC

The Joint – pizza 🙂

Also – check out my post on the best PHO around

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