Photos of the Day – The White Wolf Waits for Wistfully Wandering to Wind Up There

Ohhh too much… but the title is staying.

As I bounce off my seat itching to get on the road to Yellowstone, I was reminiscing about some of the great wildlife encounters I experienced there last summer.

Here are some of my favs:

First wildlife sighting in Teton – Elk on alert!

Grizzy 399 and 2 of her 3 cubs she had last year. Down to none apparently now 😦 although the rumour is they still survive – 1 with the grizzly 610, and 2 are lost, but well.

Awww Sedgehog (I don’t come up with these names 🙂 in Sedge Bay, Yellowstone

The white wolf…hence the cringe worthy title of the post.

Mr/s. Marmot in Sheepeaters, Yellowstone

The lone bison walks the line

I could keep going and going, but I will stop at my favorites in Yellowstone and Grand Teton. I also saw a large variety of wildlife in the Canadian Rockies, including big horned sheep, mountain goats, a cougar (such a rare and amazing sight!), elk with huge racks, and a ton of foxes, coyotes and a brief glimpse of black wolves.


Hike #2 – Still in Grand Teton

I am very much looking forward to hiking in Grand Teton.

Last year, I missed out on any form of hiking as grizzly bear 399 and 610 kept my boyfriend and I occupied with our cameras snapping every 2 seconds. I have never taken so many photos in my life!

Hiking among the majestic Teton backdrop has been a dream, ever since I laid eyes on them one year ago.

Here is the description of the second hike I will attempt in Grand Teton, after the Pacific Creek trail:

Glade Creek (from the book Best Easy Hikes – Grand Teton, by Bill Schneider)

Description: A short, easy hike in the northernmost section of the park (7 miles round trip)

Trailhead: Hwy 89, 4.4 miles west of Flagg Ranch on the Grassy Lake Road (on the left).

The hike: Most people don’t think about this section of Grand Teton National Park, so pan on having Glade Creek and most of the north-trails section mostly to yourself. This hike actually starts outside the park in the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway, a 24,000-acre area that is more wild than many parts of the park. The trailhead sign says that it’s 3.5 miles to the park boundary, but this is probably exaggerated by at least a half mile and perhaps more.

The trail starts out through a mature lodgepole forest. After about a mile and a half, you cross Glade Creek on a footbridge. Shortly thereafter, you drop down a fairly steep hill to a huge meadow. To the left, you can see the Snake River flowing into Jackson Lake and a huge freshwater marsh, one of two large freshwater marshes found in the park. You can also see Jackson Lake off to the south. This is a wildlife-rich area, so take your time before retracing your steps to the trailhead. You may be able to see some moose, swans, and other wildlife, especially in the early morning or near sunset. Even the mighty grizzly bear frequently roams through this rich habitat. But be forewarned. There is one wildlife species you will see and not enjoy. This is the only section of trail in the park where we had to stop and get out the mosquito repellent and netting.

Yikes. I loved the sound of this hike until the last few sentences. I will be sure to pile on the layers of clothing, bug spray and wear a mosquito net. HATE those little buggers!

Photo of the Day – Grizzly Bear 399

Welcome to Grand Teton National Park, home of the famous grizzly mom 399. You can see 2 of her 3 cubs at the time (down to 2 cubs now) following behind her with their heads in the bushes.

She was so much fun to watch from my car last summer, and I hope to see her again this summer!

grizzly bear 399

Photo of the Day


Taken in Grand Teton National Park in June of this year. This is grizzly bear #399 when she had her 3 cubs in tow. Rumour is she only has 2 cubs now, as one of them switched mothers halfway through the summer!

Grizzly Bear 399

I miss bear 399 and her 3 cubs in Grand Teton National Park!

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton… I am daydreaming about this place right now. It was absolutely gorgeous there, when I went about a month ago now.

My boyfriend and I decided to head there first via Toronto, then work our way north to Yellowstone and then the Canadian Rockies. So my first glance of gorgeous mountain landscapes were the Tetons. What a good start to the trip!

For the 6 days we hung around the park, we saw so many amazing animals and scenes. One of the most fascinating shows we witnessed was a world famous grizzly bear, called 399 and her 3 cubs. They were, as predicted, out and about every day to greet us. Another bear, 610, who was a former cub of 399 was also out and about with her 2 cubs. So many great photos!

610 and her cub

Aside from bears, we were able to see elk, bison, coyotes, and wolves…and let’s not forget, the gorgeous scenery! Anything that is set in front of the Teton backdrop looks so majestic.

One other thing I should mention about Grand Teton is the PIZZA! If you go, make sure you test out Leek’s Pizza. Deeeelicious! Again, the setting of this restaurant is against the Tetons and a picturesque harbour. One of my favorite places on the trip.

The harbour at Leek's Pizza

Can’t wait to return to this place and check up on 399 and her cubs and gaze at the amazing mountains from Leek’s patio on the harbour.