Conclusion: The Lost Girls

Last week, I mentioned that I was currently reading a travel novel called The Lost Girls. It was a great break from all the murder mysteries I have been reading lately, that’s for sure!

Overall, it was such an entertaining book. It left me giggling, reflecting, jealous, but mostly, it left me drooling.

Three good friends quit their jobs and spend an entire year traveling around the globe. They completed, “60,000 miles around the world, from the mountains and jungles of South America to the beaches of Australia, passing through Kenya, India, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand”.

Jennifer Baggett, Holly Corbett and Amanda Pressner

The book was able to keep my interest and actually make me laugh out loud, which is a hard thing to do when by myself. It was divided into different sections for each lag of their trip, and by chapter, with the three girls rotating writing tasks.

My favorite of the three, or should I say – most relatable, was Holly. She always found a way to analyze her surroundings and get a real feel for the culture. Holly really seemed to appreciate each person she encountered and tried her best to enjoy every experience. I cannot believe she made it through a month at a somewhat suspect ashram in India. Really, I have never heard anything that great about these places. Her patience and peace-keeping personality very much sounded like myself.

Not to take away anything from the other girls. They both had unique personalities on their travels. Jen (adventure/thrill-seeking) and Amanda (dedicated/out-going/fun-loving) would be people I would love to travel with. They were full of energy and loved to dance. I must say, as I mentioned above about being jealous…it was mostly due to their night of dancing to reggaeton music in South America.

The danger with reading this book, the only negative aspect, one warning for anyone reading……

You will have the strongest desire to pick up everything and LEAVE to your nearest airport.

Travel Alert Reminder!

Last call for last minute travel with the Porter Airlines travel to/from Toronto!

Travel Alert!

Serious business!

Check out Porter Airlines if you wish to travel to and from Toronto. There is a crazy deal on right now – 50% off all flights! Must book by September 7th, and is good for travel until December 15th.

I just looked for my long weekend in November. I could go to Boston for some clam chowder for $290 round trip/taxes included or Chicago for deep dish pizza for $230 round trip/taxes included….Montreal shopping…&230….New York sightseeing …$260….oh I’m in the danger zone!

Porter Airlines

The aircraft: “Porter Airlines flies Canadian-built Bombardier Aerospace Q400 turboprop aircraft.”

Prop Plane

I was off with three travel partners to Quebec City for a weekend getaway.

We almost missed our plane. I show up  to the airport by 8:05 (across the ferry), plane takes off at 8:30, and my companions all have suitcases to check!!

They were told they had to wait for the next flight in Q-City to pick up their luggage since they checked it in about 5 minutes before the plane was supposed to take off.

It was an entertaining adventure though, I was smiling about the whole mishap, glad it wasn’t myself who was late. I have always wanted to run up the steps on a plane 😛 So great that I waited for the rest of my crew, so we could all run up together.

The service was good, no waiting in security for more than 2 minutes. The places where we experienced the longest waits were the check baggage (10 mins) line and the line for the ferry back from Toronto island (10 mins).

Food, good…for airplane food. At least you get hearty snack for a 90 minute flight.

To end the trip, the flight and Quebec City airport were great. Although again there was a wait, this time they were late…

Q-City Bound

Finally….another trip planned! I started this blog right after my return from Chicago (what else can you do when riding an Amtrak train for 6 hours?).  This time it’s Quebec City for a long weekend on June 3rd. Mostly I am excited for french onion soup, shopping, wandering around Old Quebec, and visiting The Plains of Abraham.


But my secret excitement…do you want to know? Flying Porter Airlines. I have never been to the Toronto Island Airport or have flown Porter. It seems as if all my friends have, and I really think I am missing something. They never have anything to complain about. When they return from their destinations, I hear just as much about the flight as I do the trip.

Created mainly for the business person, Porter flies from downtown Toronto to various locations, including Boston, Montreal, Chicago, New York, and of course Quebec City. Great service, location and quick! Everyone comments on how quick it is to get through the airport process there.

Is that terrible that I am going to an amazing city, with so much to experience, and I really am looking forward to the flying experience this time around?