Practice makes perfect, I hope!

I acquired a new camera a few weeks ago, and made the switch from Canon to Nikon.

It’s true that they are both great brands, but alas, this Nikon has been borrowed, so I can’t be picky and stick with the tried, tested and true Canon.

This summer, I am also embarking on a 2 month long trip (thank you teaching job!) to several national parks in the USA and Canada, then over to Vancouver.

My main mission?

Animal photography!

So to help me learn all about Nikon’s, I turned to an expert in this field – my boyfriend.

He took me out on the weekend to test out this Nikon while using his 70-200mm 2.8 lens, which he is also so graciously is letting me use all summer.

Our subject?

Trains! With a few animals here and there as we encountered them.

Here are three of my favorite practice shots from the weekend:

Craziest animal encounter – my dog Peabody!

The train! Only took 1 hour to get to our spot…

Photo of the Day – Volcano

A few cinder cone volcanoes anyone?

Welcome to Hawaii! I took a course on the big island a few summers ago (c/o my school – thanks!) and learned about the geoscience behind those gorgeous little islands.

This was taken when I first was given my digital SLR camera from my father. I had no idea how to use it (and am still learning)*, but I knew it took a great photo!

*note to self – must work on depth of field and colour balance

Atop Heleakala National Park, Hawaii

Photo for today: My puppy Peabody!

I took this the first day I got my (used) digital SLR Canon:

Peabody the model

I attribute the shiny coat to the treat of peanut butter he is allowed once a week. What a good boy 🙂