My dilemma

This summer I plan to head out on the long road.

The long road to…Grand Teton National Park and then Yellowstone National Park and then Waterton National Park and then Jasper National Park…and then civilization again in Vancouver. And then back to Toronto via ???

So here is my dilemma:

When I am in camping mode, I can pretty much ditch all those luxury goods and services, except one SIMPLE thing.

a shower, a toilet, a cell phone, a comfy bed, COFFEE!

And since my boyfriend insists on dragging me out of my warm sleeping bag (with 2 layers of pants, 3 pair of socks and 5 sweaters of course), into the extremely cold and dark bowels of the morning – sans coffee, well, let’s just say – my extremely laid back self has daggers, no wait, chain saws aimed at his head. (I love you…..).

After we see the peek of a sunrise – as us two, the lone souls in the middle of a deserted road, along the majestic Teton mountain range, with the jagged peaks welcoming the rising day into it’s arms, waiting for that magic light to take breathtaking photographs of a grizzly bear and her cubs grazing amongst the golden backdrop… Ok – get the picture?


We tried so hard last year to find a way to make a nice cup o’ in the car; tried to find a gas station open early enough for a steamer; I sweetly batted my eyelashes at my boyfriend to wait for me to build a fire and boil some water (no time…lighting is money honey!); attempted to wane myself off the addicting brown stuff…


So, here is the best I could come up with, which would produce semi-warm liquid water, in which I would throw in a Starbucks single:

Somehow, I don’t think this will cut it. I’m still trying and welcome and suggestions 🙂

Quote for a Sunday

But I love New York. I used to set my alarm clock when I was there, and get up at 4am and get a coffee, just because I could.
Gail Porter


Photograph of the Day – Hawaii

Lahaina, Maui, what a spectacular view. I was lucky enough to be able to gaze at this backdrop every morning, while enjoying a nice cup of Kona coffee. What a way to feel relaxed!

Lahaina on the beach


Toronto’s “Historic” Distillery District

Distillery District

It’s funny that they name the Distillery District in Toronto, where breweries began to pop up in the 1830’s. Now, when I think of ‘historic’, I think of Europe and 1400’s. But I guess historic begins as of yesterday.

I visited this district yesterday, in the soggy afternoon gloom. Despite the weather, though, I found this area to be quite cute and interesting.

The tour begins with narrow cobblestone walkways, with holiday decorated rows of red brick buildings on either side. (* picture me walking around hugging my Balzac’s chai latte closely to help warm me up)

Next, you run into a gigantic Christmas tree and a stage, where carollers sing various cheery holiday songs. Pretty neat.

After that, I ate at Mill Street Brewery, popular for their… Instead of getting a bit tipsy, I decided to try the multigrain pancakes with blueberry maple syrup. Delicious, but falsly advertised. Me thinks they ran out of blueberry syrup and I ended up with the usual maple business and real blueberries on the side. Oh well, as I said, deeelicious still.

Well, while there, why not do a tiny bit of holiday shopping? There were neat booths set

A bit of shopping? Sure!

up along the cobblestone selling anything from jewelry, syrups, to fudge and stocking stuffers. I tried to browse a few quite unique ‘gadget’ stores along the way, but the masses of people in these stores (remember, it’s pouring rain outside) deterred me from sticking around too long. I would love to go back after the holidays to check out the sales in some of these stores. Such unique items!

Unfortunately, due to the nasty weather, I did not stick around long enough to enjoy a nice cup of coffee on a year-round patio, set up with nice big and comfy looking couches and fire pits sharing their warmth with us soggy shoppers.

This area must be great in the winter, with a bit of snow, and less of a crowd. (note to self…go back!).

Balzac's Coffee. Organic Chai Latte - must get!