The hills are alive with the sound of creepiness

A few weeks ago, I came across a video of someone recording strange noises being made by the wind in Chicago.

It’s haunting and creepy, but so neat!

Listen to the noises below:

Hmmmm…hoax or no hoax, that is the question.

To further read about these events, check out:

Strange Sounds in the Sky – January 2012

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Toronto, Ontario – Canada

I love my city.

Since 2006 I have been roaming, seeking and absorbing myself into (one of) the most multicultural city in the world. (I think it is the top, but cannot be a judge since I have not been to LA or London….I think we beat NYC though).

Before that, I lived about 1.5 hours away from this intriguing destination, and would visit the city at least 5-10 times a year.

Just a thought, but could the city promote this spectacular fact just a bit more?

Here is a screen shot of my Google search: Top Multicultural City in the World

Anyway, I was sidetracked. Over the past few days I discovered a few new and very intriguing things to do in Toronto. Whether a resident or visitor.

Check these out!:

Zip Lining in Earl Bales Park

Might be fun. Might be a warm up for a zip lining adventure I have always dreamed of in Costa Rica.


Golden Turtle: Reborn

Hah! One of the most popular Pho restaurants in the city was closed for a few months….what a disaster for a few, but I knew where to get the good sh*% still, in their absence! (Pho 88 for delivery and Pho Phuong on Queen or Ossington for sit in).


Yoga at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)

WOW! Yoga at the Henry Moore Gallery? Think sculptures that show smooth, rounded figures, mostly female in comforting/nuturing poses. OK…yoga poses as I like to think. Peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Could someone go, and let me know how it is? Unfortunately, I have to be at school and ready to teach at the time they will be held. 

If you are heading this way, and are unsure of what to do in this fabulous city, don’t worry, I can help! Or that person walking past you on the street, or the waiter/waitress at the restaurant you just went to, or that person on the subway from Pearson.

We love our city.

Spectacular Toronto