Canadian Dollar go forth!

Ohhh Stephen Colbert. So funny!

Read this article from National Newswatch if you wish to laugh.

Stephen Colbert warns Americans of poutine-sucking Canada’s audacious currency coup

Published On Wed Apr 25 2012
Stephen Colbert warns Americans of Canada's audacious currency coup, from Iceland to glow-in-the-dark dinosaur coins.Stephen Colbert warns Americans of Canada’s audacious currency coup, from Iceland to glow-in-the-dark dinosaur coins.


Niamh Scallan Staff Reporter

Funnyman Stephen Colbert poked fun at America’s “poutine-sucking, healthcare-addicted” nemesis to the North during an episode of The Colbert Report Tuesday night, pointing to recent news that economically beleaguered Iceland considered adopting the Canadian loonie.

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“The U.S. dollar remains the global currency standard. You can use it all over the world from buying sushi in Tokyo to prostitutes in Cartagena. There are no challengers to America’s currency domination, until now,” Colbert said.

“Everyone knows George Washington should be the only icon recognized by the world’s market. Not Canada’s first president, Featherford Beloon.”

Iceland’s government has floated the idea of replacing its weakened krona with a more stable currency since three of its banks were crippled by the global financial meltdown in 2008. Earlier this year, Canada’s ambassador to Iceland, Alan Bones, took to the airwaves on Iceland’s national broadcaster and said Canada would be open to the idea of sharing its currency with its Nordic neighbour.

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But hopes that the loonie would line Icelanders’ pockets were dashed in late March when Iceland’s minister of economic affairs told Dow Jones the idea was “theoretical speculation more than practical realities” — and replacing the krona with the loonie was “not on the table.”

Still, Colbert warned Tuesday night, “this is just the beginning of Canada’s currency coup.”

Perhaps more concerning for Americans, Colbert said, is the Canadian Mint’s glow-in-the-dark Alberta dinosaur coins — 25-cent coins that reveal a dinosaur skeleton when placed under the light.

“Folks, Canada’s coming after our young people. What do you think they’re going to prefer: a glow-in-the-dark dino quarter or this green rectangle?” he said. “Nation, we must fight this before we lose a generation of young Americans to the scourge of Canadian politeness and fiscal sanity.”

“As for you, Canada,” he ended, “you keep your dinosaurs where they belong — liquefied in your tarsands and pumped directly into our gas tanks.”

With files from Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew

Go Canadian currency in Iceland!!

I am so happy the USA (and the world now) knows that our first president president, Featherford Beloon condoned glow in the dark coins.