Top 5: Food Blogs

I love food, I kind of like cooking (if I’m in the mood). These blogs have really helped me to become more creative and enjoy my attempts to satisfy my taste buds (and be healthy).

5. Better With Butter

I discovered this blog while searching for a way to make a healthier (and less salty) cracker. Love the photography here too!

4. Foodess

Again, love the photography here. The uniqueness and healthiness is what drew me to this blog.

3. Pass the Sushi!

Not as healthy, I suppose, but so *$*@# delicious. Love the ‘fake luna bar’ recipe! Those lil guys are how I survived 3 summers of camping and hiking.

2. The Faux Martha

This girl has great tips and all created with top-notch photography. Faux Martha, better than the real Martha?

1. Food Gawker

Drool….drool…look at the billions of recipes available. Every category ever!

Who’s hungry?!

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Health on the road

Mmm..scoop of olives in Vieste, Italy

I know its usual to splurge, to go all out, and devour everything in sight when you are travelling. It’s sort of an excuse, and I actually use it all the time. But when I come home, this guilt takes over and I feel like I need to go to the gym for hours just to get back the healthy self that I want to be.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, and I have been feeling less guilty lately about my travel tush.

There are certain tricks you can use to feel less guilty about everything you put into your mouth on a trip.

First – As you are wandering around the place you are visiting, check out the local markets for fresh fruit and veggies. These will keep you satisfied during the day, and you might order less, or eat less when you sit down for a meal.

Second – Exploring a new place means walking. Or even jogging! It was nice, when in Italy, to take in more scenery while jogging around in the early morning. You see much more when you can travel further distances, and it’s sometimes less busy when you go in the early morning. When I was in Quebec City, I burned off all my food calories by walking for hours and hours around the beautiful city.

Third – Hotel gyms. They are amazing, amazingly air conditioned. With great equipment and usually all the water you need. I enjoy the high tech cycle and treadmill. They usually have weights and medicine balls as well! I find now that when I work out, it wakes me up, gives me energy, and am more motivated to go out and explore.

Fourth – Cooking at the hotel room. Sometimes you get lucky and end up with a kitchen in your hotel room. This is when you can put your healthy cooking skills into action. The hotel in Maui that hosted a kitchen was very useful for making my own healthy meals (either breakfast, lunch or dinner) while I could feel better about splurging on the other 1 – 2 meals of the day. If there is no kitchen, I sometimes buy meal bars, or get a few snacks to hold me over until dinner.

Fifth – Start with a salad or soup, or skip dessert when you order a meal. I am usually good with the skipping dessert portion of a restaurant, no sweet tooth here! But adding salad or a nice (non-creamy) soup will help cut down on what you eat for your main meal. This rule is very hard for me, because I love to start with a heavier appetizer and still have the main meal I was attracted to in the first place….and maybe a specialty coffee to end the meal with.

Anyway, when you are travelling to a new place, food is something that should be indulged in. Don’t feel the guilt.

Cappuccino in Quebec City