Morocco from years past

Many months ago, when I first started this blog, I discovered the journal I had written in when I took a course in Morocco in my university days.

Excerpt One

Excerpt Two

It was quite entertaining to read, since it was basically my first major trip I took in a plane (my first was to Cuba a few months earlier). I was quite the unseasoned traveler.

Here is another excerpt from my journal (picture my wide eyes the entire entry!):

Tuesday August 31st


Hangin by the water in 45 degree weather

We started along the winding roads today on an air conditioned bus to take a tour of the new part of the city of Marrakech. We also visited the large reservoir that provides the city with clean water, which was very interesting to see.

It’s actually so beautiful almost anywhere we go, so unbelievable!

After the city tour, our group was heading to the Casba de Toubkal for a few nights of peaceful rest. The bus ride up the mountain was very unique…the landscape suddenly switched from flat city streets – to foothills – to mountains right before my eyes within 2 minutes.

Hiking for 15 minutes to Casba de Toubkal was a killer – especially with an oncoming migrane, 40 degree weather and 2 large backpacks. But when I got to the entrance and I saw all of the flower gardens, it took what remaining breath I had away.

View from the Casbah, sigh...

It is so amazing here, as I am writing this on the rooftop “casbah” filled with richly coloured pillows to sink into. I think I am in a dream!

Dinner was so delicious as well, I love the food here! Lentil soup and a hearty vegetable stew served in gorgeous tagines.

Hopefully my migrane will go away soon so that I can enjoy my time even more here!