Give me a sign

I love stumbling upon odd street signs while exploring a city. It could almost be classified as a secret hobby to me. I have many random street sign pictures and billboards from all of my travels. Check out a few that bring a smile to my face every time I see them.

'Scuze, where can I find pizza in Italy??

Sorry, which way should I run in case of a tsunami? Hilo, Hawaii

Marrakesh, Morocco, it happens!

Caution - spelling errors - read at your own risk. Kona, Hawaii

What would the milk look like? The Big Island of Hawaii

An exerpt

I went to Morocco for a university course in 2004 and one of the requirements was to keep a journal every day. This trip was the second flight I have ever taken (wow!), the first being to Cuba the year before with some of my friends. What an eye opener, this adventure was; an amazing eye opener! This trip was really the tipping point for my obsession with travel.

Here is my first entry, makes me smile because of my “wide eyes”:

August 29, 2004:
Traffic is insane here. It’s so hard to cross the street. It is confusing as well. Everyone knows where they are going except us, so it is hard to get around with everyone pushing. There are no lanes on the road and there are buses, bikes, motorcycles, and cars all beeping!
You can see the mosque from our hotel, it looks surreal and hauntingly beautiful with the sun setting as I write this from the rooftop of the hotel.
We are staying at Hotel de Foucauld in Marrakesh.

It is so hot here, sweat is common! Even when the sun is behind the clouds it is almost unbearable. I find it hard to breathe the air is so heavy, and then on top of that, you have the people in the medina coking and hot smoke is blowing in your face.

The medina was so crowded with various people asking for your money (fortune tellers, water sellers, crafts, henna…). Little boys and girls come up and beg for money or try to sell you small things like kleenex and paper crafts.

I think I slept 2 hours in the past 2 days.
There are a variety of ways that the women wear their clothing. There are ones that are covered from head to toe, tourists with short skirts and tank tops and then women in pants and t-shirts (I am the latter). The men sit along the sidewalk enjoying the view from cafes, no women allowed. At around 4:15pm there was a man calling form the mosque, such a gorgeously haunting sound, signaling time for prayer. Best part so far! I will remember that sound for a long time.

Wow. this journal entry sounded like I was scared and hating Morocco. It was actually quite the oppposite. I think I was in a bit of culture shock, which quickly went away. I will post more excepts from my journey in Morocco soon!