Photo of the Week – Around the World in 3 hours

I LOVED Epcot Center at Disney World in Orlando growing up, but didn’t know why.

Now I know!

I was able to see so many different “cultures” from around the world in one place.

Yes, I know – it’s not the way to go experience Japan, or Norway, or Morocco – but when I was 7 years old, I couldn’t keep my mouth closed. It all just fascinated me to no end!

So here is the most recognizable object at Epcot Center – Also one of my favorite rides there (besides Norway!) – Spaceship Earth.

Fantasy Friday – Finding Santa

Yep, it’s possible to take a vacation in the North Pole. Possible, but only a reality to people with a ton of money just hanging around for a snowy day. Check out the prices on some of these tours!

You COULD pay me to do that….because I can’t afford it. Sounds spectacular though, imagine how few eyes have seen the wonders of the North Pole.


Fantasy Friday Part I

I am starting a weekly theme called Fantasy Friday’s. Friday’s are the perfect day of the week to sit back and daydream. A lot of the time, you can catch me daydreaming, of course, about where I would love to go exploring next. This weekly theme will be a lot of fun, I will research destinations around the world and create a sampling of what I would love to do there that will get me drooling.

From Sustainability Ninja

Since it’s Friday the 13th, why not make the theme Norway. According to Norse mythology, Friday the 13th can be linked to a legend that an angry god not invited to a dinner party comprising of 12 people, decided to show up anyway and it lead to some sort of havok which resulted in the death of one of the attendees. Pretty intense. But anyway, let’s see what there is do see and do in Norway, minus dinner parties.

As well, check out Norway`s Official site for Canadian`s. Happy Friday!!!!


Vigelandsparken – A park filled with sculptures
Vikingship Museum – See dragon boats from the 9th century on display.
Aker Brygge – A harbour filled with restaurants
Karl Johansgate – The main pedestrian street


Mount Fløien and Mount Ulriken – hiking up the mountains
City Centre / Waterfront / Parks – wandering aimlessly. So much fun!


Stavanger domkirke – Norway’s oldest cathedral
Hafsfjord and . Jæren – beach time!
Svarthola – a once populated cave
Breiavatnet – lake


Munkholmen and Ravnkloa – Island that used to act as a prison site