Travel Blogs I Love

If you have a moment, please check out a few of my favorite travel blogs. They are very good at distracting you from your daily work:

I Backpack Canada

Pat Bean’s Blog

Near Afar

50 Year Project

Ontario Travel Blog

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Alex’s Journey

Enjoy the distractions!

I want this!

Can I buy this sign and put it on my balcony? So neat! Just disregard the kms – especially the pointer to Canada….it’s 0km if it were randomly sitting on my balcony overlooking the city of Toronto.

Don’t think my neighbours would mind…right?

Destination ANYWHERE!

By the way, try OnTheWay

I saw this website OnTheWayApp, where you can plug in a road trip start and destination and it will plot “must sees” along the way.

What a great concept, and then I put it into practice.

Last summer, I drove out from Toronto to Yellowstone (Wyoming/Montana) and had probably the greatest tour guide (my boy) directing me to our destination. He has been to Yellowstone every year since he was 10 years old (29 now).

Although he either flew in, or drove in from Vancouver, he still had one of those great childhoods where he and his parents explored as many park as they could when he was growing up.

What I am saying about this new site is – it is great if you have absolutely no clue where to stop and what to eat along your road trip journey.

But when I looked up the route we took last year to Yellowstone, it recommended stopping at a movie theatre in Guelph (been there….it’s a movie theatre), then Limeridge Mall in Hamilton (ummm a mall, with banks, a few clothing stores and a food court), after the mall, it recommended John Labatt Centre in London, Ontario where you could view the OHL hockey team for an evening, if they are playing there that evening…in the fall – spring…then IKEA in Dearborn, Michigan.

It’s a great way to look up malls and arenas as I discovered after looking up alternate road trip destinations.

Really, I despise criticizing anything, but this site is just a google map with a few tagged waypoints.

Great concept, but more people need to ‘write in’ the local must-sees to make this site work.

Weather Win: Part 2

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I get 2 weeks of March Break, not 1 like most Ontario teachers. But I take full advantage and am very thankful for it.

And as I have realized, may people don’t know what this holiday is.

My boyfriend from Vancouver calls it Spring Break. But, when I think of Spring Break, I think of going to Daytona Beach, Florida to party in February with all the other university students (which I did not do).

It’s a week (or 2 in my case) for students and luckily teachers to have off to recharge and relax after 2/3 of the school year has been completed.

PLEASE look at how lucky I am weather wise again this week:

I’m hoping that Friday and Saturday will improve as we get closer to the weekend, but I cannot believe how gorgeous the beginning of the week is going to be.

The curse from my father and sister seems not to have passed to me. Every time they asked for vacation time, no other employee around them would ask for the same week – guaranteed rain.

Thanks Toronto for making my staycation sunny and warm!

Photography Excursion – choo choo!


Today, I have plans with my boyfriend and father to dust off our camera gear and shoot a few hundred photographs.

I really need to practice with my camera, and it will be nice having my partners give me some helpful tips as we shoot away at TRAINS!

We are heading to Bayview Junction in Hamilton, Ontario where several train lines converge along the “busiest rail line in Canada”.


At least it’s neat for my two companions who both have a passion for trains.

Stay tuned for some photos!

Toronto, Ontario – Canada

I love my city.

Since 2006 I have been roaming, seeking and absorbing myself into (one of) the most multicultural city in the world. (I think it is the top, but cannot be a judge since I have not been to LA or London….I think we beat NYC though).

Before that, I lived about 1.5 hours away from this intriguing destination, and would visit the city at least 5-10 times a year.

Just a thought, but could the city promote this spectacular fact just a bit more?

Here is a screen shot of my Google search: Top Multicultural City in the World

Anyway, I was sidetracked. Over the past few days I discovered a few new and very intriguing things to do in Toronto. Whether a resident or visitor.

Check these out!:

Zip Lining in Earl Bales Park

Might be fun. Might be a warm up for a zip lining adventure I have always dreamed of in Costa Rica.


Golden Turtle: Reborn

Hah! One of the most popular Pho restaurants in the city was closed for a few months….what a disaster for a few, but I knew where to get the good sh*% still, in their absence! (Pho 88 for delivery and Pho Phuong on Queen or Ossington for sit in).


Yoga at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)

WOW! Yoga at the Henry Moore Gallery? Think sculptures that show smooth, rounded figures, mostly female in comforting/nuturing poses. OK…yoga poses as I like to think. Peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Could someone go, and let me know how it is? Unfortunately, I have to be at school and ready to teach at the time they will be held. 

If you are heading this way, and are unsure of what to do in this fabulous city, don’t worry, I can help! Or that person walking past you on the street, or the waiter/waitress at the restaurant you just went to, or that person on the subway from Pearson.

We love our city.

Spectacular Toronto

Pizza pizza pizza!

Shout out to my boyfriend today for this post. The ultimate pizza maniac I have ever, and will ever know.


Lonely Planet came out with an article on the best pizza in the USA. It mostly discusses the debate between New York or Chicago style pizza. As a person who has only had Chicago deep-dish, and has tested it a total of 4 times at different places, I have to say that it would be very tough to beat this ooey-gooey-cheesy goodness.

Here are their top picks:


1. Joe’s in the West Village

2. John’s in the West Village or Midtown

3. Patsy’s uptown.



1. Grimaldi’s, under Brooklyn Bridge

2. Di Fara (1424 Ave J)

3. Franny’s in Prospect Heights

4. Totonno’s by Coney Island

5. Lucali’s in Carroll Gardens


1. Giordano’s in the Near North

California, New Haven, and St. Louis are also mentioned. Which I found came right out of left field!

I was a bit disappointed that they only listed one pizza restaurant in Chicago. Me thinks Lou Malnati’s and Gino’s East should be included as well. (read my review of Lou’s on my Restaurant page!). Can’t complaint too much since Giordano’s is where it’s at!

In Canada, I have a few to add to the list:

Toronto, Ontario


1. Queen Margherita Pizza

2. Terroni’s

3. La Vecchia

4. Mercatto

5. Camerra’s

Kingston, Ontario

1. Wooden Heads

Halifax, Nova Scotia

1. King of Donair (KOD)

Quebec City, Quebec


1. Portofino

2. Savini

Vancouver, British Columbia

1. Hell’s Kitchen

2. Incendio

Victoria, British Columbia

1. The Joint

Waterloo, Ontario

1. McMullens

I think the most entertaining aspect of this article are the comments at the end. Some people, like I just did here, recommended their own favorite pie places.

But a few actually were offended by this piece of writing. Come on, it’s pizza! Everyone has their own tastes, don’t be a pizza party pooper.

Mmmmmm pizza…