Photograph of the Day: Peek-a-boo!

Taken in Grasslands National Park in southern Saskatchewan. A park which you more often than not will have all to yourself. If not, you will be able to see another person from 10 miles away.

Grasslands is a very unique and magical park in my opinion, and I absolutely loved visiting it this summer.

This prairie dog thinks his home is unique and magical too!

Photo of the Day – Devil’s Tower

Devil's Tower - Wyoming

This crazy laccolith was a “must-see” as both my father and boyfriend recommended.

So on the way home last summer from my summer camping adventure I decided to take the small detour off the I-90 to view this national monument which was knee deep with porcupines and prairie dogs.

It’s quite awe inspiring to see this geological formation rise straight up in an otherwise flat area.

The legend of the tower is quite neat as well. According to natives in the area, two girls were playing near the site and a grizzly bear began to chase them. The girls climbed onto a rock and prayed to their god to save them. The god answered by raising the rock skyward away from the threatening bear.

Neat! And definitely glad I took the time to check it out on my way home.